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Holocron Sentry, is a premier managed cyber security solution designed with the specific needs of Aussie small businesses in mind. This offering provides data breach protection, email threat prevention, and guards against identity theft and malware, including ransomware. It’s an essential service for any business wanting to protect itself against prevalent cyber threats.

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24/7 Cyber Protection and Monitoring of your Business's Critical Digital Assets while you sleep

Recognising the unique challenges faced by small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), Holocron Cyber introduces Sentry, a comprehensive cybersecurity solution designed from the ground up to protect your small business. Holocron Sentry has been designed specifically with SMBs in mind, taking the guesswork out of the complexities that can come with employing technical cybersecurity staff or having to deal with the costly infrastructure that is often associated with traditional managed SOC offerings. 

With Holocron Sentry deployed, SMBs can now access enterprise-level security at a price point that is affordable and with access to an Australian-based cyber security team that is constantly monitoring for active cyberthreats. With Holocron Sentry, businesses can confidently protect their digital assets from data breaches, even while they sleep, without trying to navigate these cyber threats on their own. 

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Not all cyber security protection is created equally

While virus protection is a necessary component of cyber security, it’s just part of a much larger puzzle. In today’s digital age, where threats are increasingly sophisticated and pervasive, relying solely on anti-virus software leaves significant gaps in your defence. Holocron Sentry fills these gaps by offering a layered comprehensive security approach that protects against a wide range of cyber threats. Its ability to adapt and respond to the changing cyber threat landscape ensures that your business remains resilient against cyber attacks, making it an indispensable asset for any modern business seeking to safeguard its digital assets and reputation.

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Holocron Sentry benefits and features:

Comprehensive Cyber Security & Protection

Malware & Ransomware protection

Advanced Threat Detection & Blocking

Detects & blocks spam, phising and harmful emails
Includes Identity Theft Prevention measures

Regular vulnerabilty scans

Including Data Breach protection

Contributes to the Essential Eight Framework

Boost your Business' cyber security compliance

Australian Owned & Operated

Fast agile responses to your cyber security needs

Cyber Security for Small Business
Holocron Sentry - Cyber Security Protection for small business

Affordable Managed Cyber Security Protection wherever you are, whatever your business

Your business – protected & managed by Sentry for less than $5,000 a year *

As a leading Australian Cyber Security provider, Holocron Cyber combines world-class technology with sophisticated detection methods while aiming to keep costs down for the client. Understanding the unique needs of Australian small to medium businesses, we employ advanced technological solutions and proactive detection capabilities to provide premier cyber security protection at an affordable price point. Our transparent and flexible pricing structure is designed to deliver top-tier cyber security protection, leveraging world-class technology without burdening you with unnecessary ongoing expenses. 

Contact us for a custom quote tailored to your specific requirements, and experience first-rate cyber security solutions that feature cutting-edge detection technology at a cost-effective rate. Investing in Holocron Sentry means securing unparalleled cyber defence, safeguarding your business’s future with world-class technology and detection capabilities.

Pricing starts from $35 per seat/per month * 

* Pricing is affected by the number of devices, number of servers present and if the individual requires mobile phone-based protection, click below to get a custom quote.


Holocron Sentry stands as a premier managed cyber security service, designed to safeguard small and medium-sized businesses against a spectrum of digital cyber threats, including ransomware attacks, email phishing, and personal identity threats. Picture Holocron Sentry as a vigilant digital sentinel, tirelessly monitoring and protecting your essential IT assets around the clock.

Small businesses are increasingly in the crosshairs of cybercriminals, with the ASD Cyber Threat Report for 2022-2023 highlighting a cybercrime incident every 6 minutes*. The lack of robust cyber security measures can expose your business, not only to operational disruptions but, also to severe financial losses and reputational harm. Holocron Sentry is engineered to fortify your critical IT assets against such cyber threats, enabling you to concentrate on growing your business with peace of mind. ASD Cyber Threat Report 2022-2023 | 

Harnessing advanced cyber security solutions, Holocron Sentry specialises in stopping ransomware in its tracks, ensuring it doesn’t spread throughout your network and cause extensive damage. With a focus on affordable cyber security for small and medium-sized businesses in Australia, our strategy involves an always-on guard, dedicated security team diligently watching over your digital assets. This preemptive stance ensures the early detection of potential threats, effectively blocking ransomware attacks and protecting your company’s online presence.

Holocron Sentry fits easily into any business, with or without IT support. Our team guides you through setup, no tech expertise needed, making cyber security straightforward for small and medium-sized Australian businesses. 

Many antivirus software solutions are reactive, relying on limited data to identify on line threats, which can let malware slip through undetected. In contrast, Holocron Sentry utilizes a broad dataset and updates continuously to detect the latest cyber security threats and compromise techniques. Additionally, Holocron Sentry is backed by a team of cyber security experts monitoring behavior patterns for potential risks, offering a proactive, comprehensive IT security approach for small and medium-sized Australian businesses. 

To start with Holocron Sentry, simply click “Get Sentry” or ““Book a Call”. Our approachable team will guide you through the onboarding process, setting you on the path to securing your business effectively & efficiently. 

Australia’s Trusted
Cyber Security Experts

More than 20 years experience in the cyber security industry

Holocron Cyber is an Australian company with a Security Operations Centre based in Bisbane. Our clients are spread all across Australia. We only employ locally, ensuring our interaction with you and your systems is safe and on-shore. Jess Walker is a specialist Cyber Security Consultant. He assists businesses with understanding and working through various cyber security risks. Having worked in the industry for over 18 years and very closely with the likes of Microsoft, Cisco & SentinelOne, he is well aware of many of the emerging cyber threats that business owners face.

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Why Holocron Cyber?

Holocron Cyber, a leading and trusted cyber security firm in Australia, brings over 20 years of expertise to protect businesses. Our customer-focused approach ensures systems are continuously monitored and secured by our local team. We offer specialised cyber security services tailored for Australian SMEs, safeguarding digital assets against cyber threats and data breaches. Our expertise allows us to deliver effective prevention and rapid incident response, making cyber security manageable and accessible for our clients.

Australian Owned Cyber Security Protection - Based in Brisbane

Australian-owned and operated

Holocron Cyber is headquartered in Brisbane, with a dedicated Security Operations Centre (SOC) managed by a dedicated 24/7 Australian cyber security team.

Strategy and Consulting - managed cyber security protection managed

We understand small business 

With a wealth of experience protecting small to medium-sized Australian enterprises, we understand your cyber security needs and we know what matters to you. 

Experienced Team

Local, reliable team of security experts

The Holocron Cyber security team are situated in each of the major cities and ready to assist with navigating many of the prevalant cyber threats that are impacting Australian Businesses.


Fast turnaround and response times 

Normally, when you need cyber security support, you need it fast. Our small, agile team allows us to respond to you quickly and provide a fast turnaround on audits and assessments.

Managed cyber security protection 24 hours, 7 days a week

24/7 monitoring and detection

Our Australian-based Security Operations Centre (SOC) and around-the-clock service means our team will have eyes on any active cyber threats as they arise. You can count on us to respond at any time of the day. 

Information Security

We speak everything cyber security

When it comes to cyber security, you need to partner with a provider that can help you navigate the cyber security landscape. The expert team at Holocron Cyber does it all and we’ll walk you through exactly what you need.

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