Our People

Jess Walker

Founder and CISO

With a career spanning work in the public, private and medical sectors, Jess understands the critical role information systems play in a business of any size, and the need to have them operational around the clock.

Jess is passionate about people and says while building bespoke cyber security solutions gets him out of bed each day, it’s the people the team builds the tools for who make it worthwhile.

Nothing motivates him more than assisting executives and boards to not only understand current cyber security risks but to execute change, increasing their own cyber resilience while mitigating their cyber risks. Preventable data breaches is an area Jess is highly passionate about and he is continually educating business owners on what they can do to lower these risks.

Utilising cutting-edge technologies and monitoring the impacts and change within an organisation is a major focus for Jess, who leads an expert team dedicated to educating business owners and their organisations about how they can better protect their digital assets.

Jess understands the framework of critical infrastructure and prides himself on being able to help directors and boards take control of their organisation’s cyber security by implementing defensive systems to build resilience and protection.

Outside of work, Jess enjoys being outdoors, especially with his family. You can find him most weekends hiking or mountain biking in southeast Queensland’s beautiful forests.

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