Holocron's Cyber Security Experts

Meet the people in the Holocron Cyber Security Team

Meet Holocron's Team of Cyber Security Experts

We are a team of elite cyber security experts who stand at the forefront of digital defense. Comprised of cyber security professionals with diverse backgrounds and unparalleled expertise, our team is relentlessly dedicated to safeguarding your digital assets. With our experience spanning diverse industries and disciplines, our cybersecurity professionals are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to anticipate, identify, and neutralise even the most sophisticated cyber threats.

Each member of our cyber security team is committed to staying ahead of the curve, continuously honing their craft to provide you with innovative solutions tailored to your unique cyber security needs. When you partner with Holocron Cyber, you gain access to a powerhouse of expertise dedicated to strengthening your cyber security defences and preserving the integrity of your digital ecosystem.

Jess Walker

Founder and CISO

With a career spanning work in the public, private and medical sectors, Jess understands the critical role information systems play in a business of any size, and the need to have them operational around the clock.

Jess is passionate about people and says while building bespoke cyber security solutions gets him out of bed each day, it’s the people the team builds the tools for who make it worthwhile.

Nothing motivates him more than assisting executives and boards to not only understand current cyber security risks but to execute change, increasing their own cyber resilience while mitigating their cyber risks. Preventable data breaches is an area Jess is highly passionate about and he is continually educating business owners on what they can do to lower these risks.

Utilising cutting-edge technologies and monitoring the impacts and change within an organisation is a major focus for Jess, who leads an expert team dedicated to educating business owners and their organisations about how they can better protect their digital assets.

Jess understands the framework of critical infrastructure and prides himself on being able to help directors and boards take control of their organisation’s cyber security by implementing defensive systems to build resilience and protection.

Outside of work, Jess enjoys being outdoors, especially with his family. You can find him most weekends hiking or mountain biking in southeast Queensland’s beautiful forests.

Jess Walker - Director and one of our most experienced cyber security experts at Holocron Cyber

James Stokes

Trusted Adviser, Strategic Direction, Defence

James is a commercial and private client lawyer who brings a wealth of experience to Holocron Cyber in a Trusted Adviser, Strategic Direction, Defence, role.

James founded Stokes Lawyers in 2012 and Men’s Legal Service, a national not-for-profit law firm in 2016. He has sat on a number of private, not-for-profit and government entity boards.

These roles have provided exposure to large- and small-scale cyber risks in the current threat environment, in particular the increasingly sophisticated targeting of Australian law firms by overseas operators. This deep experience informs James’ pragmatic approach to strategy, helping to guide businesses to better cyber safety.

James is admitted to practice as a solicitor of the High Court and in each state and territory of Australia, other than South Australia. He is a Notary Public, Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Chartered Tax Adviser, and a Queensland Law Society Accredited Specialist in Business Law. He holds a Bachelor of Law (Honours) and Masters of Law (Commercial Law) from QUT.

James also serves as a commissioned officer in the Royal Australian Engineers of the Australian Army.

Outside of work, James enjoys family time, including camps and LEGO, travel and clay target shooting.

Katie Blume

Senior GRC Consultant

Katie Blume is an integral part of Holocron Cyber (Holocron), serving as a Senior GRC Consultant. With a 1st Class Honours Degree in Information Technology, specialising in Security, Katie has been instrumental in aligning Holocron’s operations with industry best practices and standards. Her comprehensive knowledge extends across multiple cyber security pillars, with her current focus being Governance, Risk, and Compliance, where she adeptly manages security audits, policy development, and ISO 27001 certification processes.

Katie’s profound impact was marked by her leadership in achieving ISO 27001 compliance for Holocron, a milestone that highlights her capability in enhancing organisational security frameworks. Her previous experience as a lead technical writer and team leader at Alcorn Group provided her with a strong foundation in technical documentation and project coordination.

Motivated by the goal of helping clients fortify their defences against cyber threats, Katie takes pride in delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed security expectations. She is a member of the Australian Women in Security Network, where she contributes to the advancement and representation of women in the field.

Away from the digital world, Katie’s life is enriched by her love for animals and nature. She dedicates her time to a hobby farm, tending to goats, chickens, and alpacas, and is actively involved in the Australian Alpaca Association, focusing on breeding these unique animals.

Chase Kaniuk

Marketing & Business Development

At Holocron Cyber (Holocron), Chase Kaniuk applies his rich background with tech giants like Apple and Tesla to enhance our business development and marketing initiatives. His profound understanding of B2B dynamics, coupled with his achievements in expanding Tesla’s footprint in Australasia, makes him an invaluable asset in navigating the intricate cyber security sector. Chase’s strategic approach and keen market insights are instrumental in crafting innovative, client-focused solutions. His involvement not only drives Holocron’s growth but also solidifies our reputation as a trailblazer in providing cutting-edge cyber security services.

At Holocron, Chase’s skills in brand development, digital marketing, and sales are well-recognized. He focuses on creating strong sales processes and values building key partnerships with complimentary organisations and individuals. Chase’s broad expertise, covering varied sectors like Real Estate, Automotive, and Solar, is an invaluable asset. His multidisciplinary background significantly enhances our customer-centric market engagement strategies

Outside the office, Chase’s adventurous spirit is evident in his love for snowboarding and cycling. He’s an avid gamer and cherishes quality time with his partner and their two French Bulldogs. Chase’s multidimensional expertise and his ‘all-in’ approach to business and life resonate deeply with Holocron’s ethos of innovation and excellence in the cyber security and IT sector.

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