Cyber Security Awareness Training

Secure your organisation against cyber security threats through comprehensive and effective Cyber Security Awareness Training.

Who is it For?

Every organisation that deals with sensitive data or operates crucial systems can greatly benefit from a robust cyber security awareness training program.

Through enlightening our workforce on security guidelines, procedures and proven strategies, we arm them with the knowledge to anticipate potential threats and devise appropriate responses. This strategy is invaluable for businesses of all sizes, government sectors, non-profit entities, and every organisation in between. Armed with the right knowledge and training, an organisation can bolster the security of its data and systems, mitigating risks from a potential security breach or threat.

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How our Cyber Security Awareness Training Program Works

As a specialist in cyber security, Holocron Cyber entrusts a team of seasoned security consultants to spearhead our cybersecurity awareness training program. While some organisations might opt for a portion of the program or a tailor-made version, we offer a holistic program that operates on four key pillars:

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Baseline Testing

We initiate our collaboration with your business via an undisclosed phishing simulation. This helps us understand the baseline level of awareness within your organisation. Based on the outcomes, we provide a report to your leadership team and strategise a personalised security awareness training program.

Cyber Security Services

Formal Training

Following the baseline simulation testing, we arrange formal training sessions throughout the year, available both in person and as digital material.


Phishing Simulations

Once the formal cyber security awareness training is rolled out, we continue with additional phishing simulation campaigns. The frequency of these campaigns is contingent on the staff's proficiency in detecting simulated attacks. This approach permits us to adaptively and continually assess the organisation's vulnerability to an attack and record enhancements in detection rates.

DR & BCP Planning and Testing

Analyse Results

Upon concluding the engagement, we present a detailed report to your organisation. This report encapsulates the outcomes of the phishing simulations and provides a thorough analysis of the efficiency of our cyber security awareness training programs.

What it Encompasses

During the security awareness training, our consultants will conduct the following activities to educate employees to help secure your organisation against potential cyber threats:


Phishing Simulation Campaign

By using over 1,000 templates, we simulate real-world phishing scenarios that test your employees' alertness. We gauge their responses to the sent phishing emails to highlight those susceptible to such threats. This allows us to design targeted training to heighten their security consciousness and prevent attackers from gaining access.

Security Awareness Training

In-Person Formal Training

Our foremost security specialist will deliver a sequence of presentations and activities during in-person training sessions. The focus will be on instilling the best online safety practices and other vital aspects of cyber security into your staff.

Security Awareness Training

Online Training Modules

We utilise an extensive archive of training materials relevant to various industry and role requirements in our online modules. These modules typically include interactive activities and quizzes to familiarise employees with prevalent cyber threats and effective countermeasures. To ensure completion, we centrally monitor activity on our online platform.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning


Through our reports, we discern behavioural patterns and gauge the effectiveness of our security awareness training at various levels – organisation-wide, departmental and individual learner. These reports also establish the compliance score and phish-prone rate of your employees.

The Benefits for Your Organisation

Security culture

With a thorough understanding of security risks and protective measures, employees will become a strong line of defence against cyber threats.

Data protection

Equipped with the knowledge of how to manage sensitive data, employees will significantly minimise the risk of data breaches.

Increased efficiency

A clear comprehension of security protocols will enable employees to operate more productively, reducing the downtime resulting from security incidents.

Incident response

Knowing the steps to take during a security breach, employees can swiftly react, minimising potential damage.


The training ensures your organisation aligns with security regulations and standards such as GDPR and HIPAA, promoting regulatory compliance.

Employee engagement

As security awareness training empowers employees, they feel more valued, boosting overall engagement and morale.

The Risks of Not Conducting Security Awareness Training

Human error

Without adequate training, employees are prone to commit errors that can invite security threats, like falling victim to phishing attacks.

Data breaches

Failure to train employees on handling sensitive information exposes your organisation to threats and potential breaches.

Regulatory Non-compliance

The lack of alignment with security regulations and standards might expose your organisation to legal repercussions and penalties.

Reputational damage

If a security incident surfaces and reveals inadequate employee training, your organisation's reputation could suffer.

Increased costs

The expense to rectify security incidents and their resulting damage could significantly escalate without proper training.

Slow incident response

Untrained employees might falter in responding to a security incident, exacerbating the damage and prolonging system downtime. Password security and other aspects of a comprehensive incident response could be compromised, leaving systems open for attackers to gain access.

Frequently Asked Questions

Security awareness training equips your staff with the knowledge and tools to recognise and respond effectively to cyber threats. In an era of increasing digital security breaches, the human element can often be the weakest link. Our training program empowers your employees, turning them from potential vulnerabilities into active defenders of your organisation’s sensitive data.

We start by understanding the baseline awareness of your staff through undisclosed phishing simulations. Based on these results, we tailor a comprehensive and effective security awareness training program that is uniquely suited to your organisation’s needs and challenges. Our customisation extends to offering both in-person and online training modules.

A phishing simulation is a controlled, real-world-like cyber attack scenario. We create and deploy these simulations to educate your staff on how such threats appear and operate. This hands-on, experiential learning improves their ability to recognise and resist actual phishing attempts, significantly reducing the likelihood of security breaches.


We provide comprehensive reports that outline behavioural trends, measure the success of the training program, and evaluate compliance scores and phishing rates. This data-driven approach helps your organisation understand its cyber risk posture at various levels and highlights areas for improvement.


The program equips employees with the knowledge to identify and manage security threats. Understanding how to handle and protect sensitive data is an essential part of the training, significantly reducing the risk of data breaches.

With a thorough understanding of security practices, employees can better navigate digital work environments, reducing downtime due to security incidents. This efficiency contributes to an overall increase in productivity.


Without proper training, employees may inadvertently cause security breaches by falling for scams or mishandling sensitive data. The lack of awareness could lead to non-compliance with regulations, potential legal action, reputational damage, and even increased financial costs due to the consequences of security incidents.

Failure to detect a simulated phishing attempt provides a valuable learning opportunity. It allows us to identify areas for improvement and refine our training strategies to address specific vulnerabilities. The goal is not to penalise, but to educate and prepare your staff for real-world threats.

Yes, our program is flexible and can be delivered both in-person and online. This hybrid approach ensures that all your employees, irrespective of their location, receive comprehensive and effective training.

A culture of security awareness promotes vigilance and responsibility among your employees. It empowers them to take an active role in protecting the organisation’s assets, leading to improved employee engagement and morale.

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