SOC in-a BOX

Australia’s first SOC in-a BOX, delivering a cost effective way to secure your business assets.

Who is it for?

Seeking a dedicated cyber security team to safeguard your digital assets, but deterred by the daunting challenges of time, cost, and implementation for such a team? Our SOC in-a-box solution is designed to take away the hassles and significant costs that come with standing up and implementing a cyber security operations team. Holocron provides you with unparalleled cyber incident response capabilities for your business without the headaches.

The SOC in-a Box is perfect for small to medium businesses with a budget, but still require a security solution for their assets.


What is a SOC?

SOC stands for Security Operations Centre, a vital component in any organisation’s defence against cyber threats. Think of it as a vigilant team of experts constantly monitoring your digital landscape, identifying potential risks, and rapidly responding to incidents. Traditionally, setting up and maintaining an in-house SOC is a
resource-intensive undertaking, requiring substantial investments in staffing, training, infrastructure, and ongoing administration.

However, with Holocron’s SOC-in-a-Box, we offer an innovative solution that revolutionises the way we manage cybersecurity for SME’s. With our SOC-in-a-Box offering, you can finally enjoy the benefits of having a security operations team at your fingertips, without the burdensome commitments. Say goodbye to the complexities and initial large investment required to establish an in-house SOC with Holocron’s SOC-in-a-box.

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How does it work?

Our different packages deliver a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity services, that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technologies and expert insights into your business, managed by Holocron SOC analysts. From continuous monitoring and threat detection to incident response*, SOC-in-a-Box offers you a holistic security solution tailored to your evolving security needs.

By adopting our SOC-in-a-Box solution, you empower your organisation to stay one step ahead of cyber threats, providing a robust defence mechanism to mitigate risks and protect your critical assets. Forget about sleepless nights worrying about the next data breach or sophisticated attacks, Holocron’s SOC-in-a-Box has got you covered.

Allow our security experts to fortify and protect your most valuable data today. With our SOC-in-a-Box, you’ll gain peace of mind, enhanced resilience, and the freedom to focus on what truly matters—your core business.

What is Included

SOC Control

Managed Detection and Response

Endpoint Detection & Response

• Real-time threat detection
• File Integrity monitoring
• Malware detection and prevention.

Managed SOC

Security Operations Centre

• Log management and analysis
• Security incident management¹
• Vulnerability management

SOC Complete

Managed Detection and Response

Endpoint Detection & Response

• Real-time threat detection
• File Integrity monitoring
• Malware detection and prevention.

Managed SOC

Security Operations Centre

• Log management and analysis
• Security incident management¹
• Vulnerability management

Security Awareness Training

Email Filtering²

• Anti-spam and Anti-malware protection
• Content filtering
• Phishing detection & reporting

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

Identity Protection³

• Detection & Prevention of identity threats
• Vulnerability scanning
• Privileges review

¹ Incident response includes initial triage and containment. Additional recovery steps are not covered under this service.

² Client must be using Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace for Business to utilise this feature.

³ Client must have Active Directory or Azure Active Directory in place to utilise this feature.

The Benefits of having a managed SOC in-a Box

The business case for managed SOC in-a Box centres on reducing costs and leveraging outsourced security expertise to help manage security operations and protect the business from cyber security threats and data breaches.

Reduced deployment costs

An on-premises tools requires purchasing IT infrastructure and staff, which can be expensive for small/medium businesses. A managed SOC offers a monthly subscription fee without the need for additional staff or IT assets.

Streamlined daily security operations

Holocron takes over tasks typically handled by in-house security operations teams such as delivering security reports, managing compliance, and maintaining configuration and asset inventory functions.

Rapid deployment

Partnering with Holocron allows for quick and efficient deployment of the SOC in-a Box solutions to start protecting your IT infrastructure without the need for customisation.

Access to expertise

Holocron maintains a skilled team to analyse security logs, investigate incidents, and provide threat detection and response services. This is a cost-effective alternative to recruiting, hiring, training, and managing your own team of cyber security experts.

Access to technology

Holocron uses industry-leading tools for the best security standard. These tools may cost hundreds or thousands of dollars annually to license, but are implemented by the provider as part of the normal subscription fee.

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