Phishing Protection

Keep your organisation safe from sophisticated phishing attacks.

Partnering with Cofense to deliver real time Phishing Protection

Cofense protect is an award-winning, real-time phishing protection solution that delivers Industry leading anti-phishing capabilities with malware protection.

Real Time Phishing Protection at Holocron Cyber

Cofence Protect

Cofense Protect enables or improves email security above and beyond traditional secure email gateways. It stops and mitigates threats via email before they reach a user’s inbox by using a combination of AI and machine learning to identify automatically and accurately safe or  malicious emails. These unique capabilities also allow it to identify threats before they appear on deny lists or have been reported, further improving security for organisations and users.

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Fast, server-side, non-proxy, out of band deployment

Cofense Protect is rapidly and easily deployed in Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace environments. Onboarding can be completed in under one minute, adjacent to mail servers, and functionality is achieved immediately after.


Intelligent malware and phishing protection

Cofense Protect provides broad and deep protection against phishing websites, malware, ransomware, mediator pages and impostor emails. It utilises computer vision AI, user-driven data and machine-learning, and big data to detect known and unknown threats, remove them from the user inbox, and automatically deactivate any URLs found within text, images or attachments.

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Advanced analysis and reporting

Advanced reporting provides detailed analysis of received, scanned, and detected pages, including targets, sources, and locations. Cofense Protects advanced reporting capabilities enable you to provide clients with regular and actionable updates on their phishing security status and users.

Real Time Phishing Protection at Holocron Cyber

The problem phishing poses for MSPs

As phishing attacks become more sophisticated, the likelihood of a successful attack continues to increase. The results of successful attacks can range from minor to severe interruptions, many of which the MSP is often called to address. This places a burden on MSP resources, as well as potentially requiring knowledge and capabilities that are out of their available skillset.

Partner with Holocron Cyber for Cofense Protect

Cofense Protect is a cutting-edge phishing protection solution that every business needs in today’s digital age. By using Cofense Protect, you can rest assured that your organisation is protected from cyber-attacks that can result in costly data breaches, reputational damage, and legal liabilities.Without Cofense Protect, your business is at a higher risk of falling victim to phishing attacks, malware, and ransomware, which can lead to severe financial and operational disruptions. By investing in Cofense Protect, you’ll not only protect your organisation from cyber-attacks but also gain peace of mind knowing that your valuable data and assets are secure.
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